Blogs de professeurs de langues

Autres blogs de professeurs de langues:

Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom: Joe Dale is a recognised expert on technology and language learning. His blog has been nominated for four Edublog Awards. You will definitely discover lots of interesting information here. Follow him on twitter: @joedale

Douce France: Conall Hamill, French teacher from St Andrew’s College (Dublin), shares unique activities for students so they can practice their reading and listening comprehension skills.

French Steve Smith, French teacher from Ripon Grammar School (UK) – Lesson plans, links, powerpoint presentations, other resources. Very complete blog you will definitely find interesting. Follow him on twitter: @spsmith45

Le français illustre: A Frenchman who lives and teaches French in the Netherlands. On this blog you will find a simple and natural way to learn French.

Languages at Blackrock (unfortunately currently offline) Hugon Simm, French teacher at Blackrock College (Blackrock), shares his preparation, tips and other resources he gathered over the years. –

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  1. Thank you for sharing these blogs, they are a source of inspiration for French language teachers and their students.

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