French Oral Prep Course – 25/01/23 to 22/03/23

Bonjour tout le monde,

Here is some information about the upcoming French Oral Prep course that will take place at the Yeats Society building in Sligo town.

The aim of this course is to give Senior cycle students the opportunity to practice their oral French on a weekly basis and to bring them up to date French expressions so that they can interact with the Leaving Cert Oral examiner with authenticity and assurance in French.

The course consists in:

  • Revising the topics of conversation of the French oral exam.
  • Providing the students with relevant advice and current French expressions.
  • Building up the students confidence to speak the language and improve their pronunciation.
  • Getting personalised feedbacks and correction of the students oral preparation work.
  • Taking a full mock exam with the teacher at the end of the course.

This course is aimed for any Senior cycle student who wishes to improve their spoken French, no matter their current level of French. It will be interactive, with activities to practice the language, but there will also be time to reflect and to learn from one’s mistakes, to ask questions and to revise and learn new expressions. Weekly notes will be shared with everyone as well as some revisions exercises to do at home. There will also be some small grammar points but the major part of of the class will be focused on interacting in French with one another as best one can.

So far this program has received a 100% positive feedback from the students who already took part in it. Followed are few comments made by some of them:

  • “It is a very useful course if you’re worried about the French oral. It gives you a chance to speak out loud in French and learn from your mistakes.”
  • “Getting one hour of speaking only French each week was very useful. It kept up and built my French.”
  • “It was particularly helpful with pronunciation and I also found the grammar points very good. The vocabulary was excellent.”

There is a total of 8 classes starting on Wednesday the 25th of January at 5pm (with a break on the 15th of February).The price for the course is €145. There are 16 places available so each student can get the most of this course. If you are interested (or have any questions) please do feel free to contact me at: so that I can forward you the registration form.

Merci et à bientôt.

Your teacher,

Julien Porzadny